It All Began With a Rose

I'll never forget the day I wrapped my first rose.  I was standing in my dining room staring at a large pile of neckties I had rescued from my local Salvation Army store. They were so uniquely different with all their patterns and colors. I was so drawn to them, yet they were apparently unwanted.  Funny how the thing that I found so appealing in them could've been the thing that caused them to be tossed aside into a donation bin. I remember standing there thinking how there has to be something I can create from these that will make them shine again.  I grabbed a pencil and twisted a necktie around it, then folded and twisted again.

As I did this I thought back to a little VBS craft I did at a small Nazarene church in West Mifflin, PA. We had pens and wrapped ribbon around the tops to make roses, only I couldn't do it.  Mine was a hot mess! All of the other kids were making their roses just fine, except me.  Even the boys learned the technique. I remember feeling like an outcast as my pile of ribbon laid there with glue streaks all over it, still connected to that pen. Eventually a nice older lady came over to help me so I could at least have a completed craft to take home. I don't think she ever realized what an impact her kindness made on me.  

I guess I'm a late bloomer, Hahahaha! I stood in my dining room and twisted a beautiful rose out of a necktie onto a pencil!  I was speechless and in awe of this really pretty thing I had just created! I wonder If I can do it again, I thought.  So I did, and then I started gluing them onto sticks. I made more and more roses as I walked around my house wrapping ties around sticks. Over and over again until that pile of neckties became a bouquet of roses. Then I wrote a lil story about a necktie becoming a rose to attach to each one I create on my own.  I was thrilled! I completed my task. The unwanted became the desired and The Burlap Shack was born. 

From there I went on to making roses for widows from their husband's ties, denim roses for moms that lost their teens way too soon and the abundance of silky grandma blouses to create an elegant rose honoring her perfectly.

Not all roses were from sad occasions either. I've created roses from family wedding gowns for beautiful bridal bouquets and centerpieces. I've transformed bandanas and scarves into rose pin fashion accessories, Christmas ornament roses and so much more. Its really been an adventure seeing what people bring me to create roses with and I'm truly humbled they trust me with their sentimental treasures.

Like many creative business owners, I hope to do amazing things with my business.  Most of all I hope to encourage others and give new purpose to things that would've been otherwise discarded.  

Blessings Always,






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