Ahem.. let me introduce myself

Hey y’all! I’m Jessie! I started with The Burlap Shack in 2017. I was a customer and fell in love with all of the unique designs and personal flare that all of the products have. I love to decorate and create an inviting atmosphere and at the shack, I found everything that I needed to do so. Since I loved to create my own pieces, along with my shopping addiction,  I decided to team up with Jeannie and haven’t looked back! 

Although I moved to Florida in August of 2018 with my husband and 2 rambunctious boys, I am still as much invested in the Shack as I was while living in Ohio. Moving to Florida has given me a new perspective that I can bring to our business. Positivity is what I believe in! You get what you give (ain’t that the truth?)! That’s why everything we sell or endorse is something that I personally find joy in. That brings some sort of positivity, even if it’s just a laugh. 

Youll find that I am an over sharer. I’m far from perfect and honest to a fault. “Out of the mouths of babes” they say, well what about the mouth of THiS GIRL?! Lol! 

I hope that by visiting our site, watching our videos, or reading or random blog posts, you at least smile and can get a glimpse into the true burlap shack personality, which is honestly a lot of laughter, love, sometimes annoyance and in the end, positivity. 

At the end of the day, I’m an every day mom of boys. I work full time as a nurse on midnight shift and honestly am just trying to keep my shift together while creating my own sanity in our little business. Welcome to my world ❤️



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